Four Reasons Why This Website Was Created

Why make a website with the experiences of one man's life and the things he treasures? There are indeed reasons I believe you, respectful visitor, could appreciate:

1) Honoring Some of the People, Places and Things That Make Life Sweet
Life would lose its charm without the shining stars that bring hope, joy and laughter to our everyday lives. These gems deserve recognition and this site humbly attempts to offer overdue acknowledgement to a few of the people, places and things that have made this man's life more alive. I hope you find some entertaining representations of these brighter sides of life here and may be inspired by them.

2) Freedom of Speech, Thought and Expression
Genuine opportunities for freedom of speech, thought and expression have always been worth something to me. The untainted expression of truth "straight from the horse's mouth" is surprisingly rare --and this horse knows it's all too easy for sordid institutions like the mainstream media to shred genuine reality into scraps of sweet little soundbites. I'd prefer a nice big serving of raw truth, thank you so very much.

The web is one of those vehicles that can help enrich democracy and the exchange of ideas through encouraging freedom of speech. While the www hasn't been utilized to its fullest extent (and may never be), I'll keep sharing my part in this grand experiment.

3) Celebrating Life's Great Moments
There is a timeless beauty to me in celebrating life's great moments that is both thrilling and humbling. The better moments of life can sometimes seem few and far between. Yet it is my hope that you who sift through this site -- for whatever reason, from whatever link -- have a good time glimpsing the challenges and victories experienced by one man engaged with that thing called Life.

4) Temporary Security of Cyberspace
After nearly losing all of my belongings in the '93 Malibu Fire, I realized one of the only truths: Nothing Lasts Forever. Nothing, period. And though this will never change, it's somehow comforting to know that some moments of life -- snapshots in time -- can be archived in cyberspace ... available across the world any time, any place to anyone.

You are welcome here at this site--

Thanks for visiting...
-Bill Buck